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We are honest, professional and ethical in all our dealings.


We are dedicated, enthusiastic and hard-working to delivering great pleasure and satisfaction


We are passionate about constant improvement and innovation


We are committed to delivering outstanding performance & superior service


We are ready to act quickly and easily in response to change/challenge


We raise our standard and strive for excellence to release the unlimited ability of what we can do


We support and care for the individual to grow as a team based on mutual respect and dignity


Grandee Marketing Sdn Bhd



•Incorporated Grand Wine Supply
•Appointed as sole distributor in Sarawak for Spanish Wines namely Gran Castillo, Moon River and Cotton Hill
•Import & Export license approved by Royal Kastam Malaysia



• Incorporated Grandee Marketing and Supply as a marketing and distribution arm for Grand Wine Supply
• Grand opening of Elegantly Red Retail Store at ST3 Shopping Mall, Kuching
• First wine retail store in Malaysia using state of art wine dispenser machine from Italy to provide wine tasting any time any day for more than 200 wines globally



• Relocation Elegantly Red retail to own property
• Expanded distribution network to off trade customers(Ta Kiong supermarket, Everrise supermarket chain store in Sarawak)



• Appointed as sole distributor for Ice Tropez in Singapore and Malaysia
• Successfully launch Ice Tropez at Escobar Kuching with famous DJ Leng Yein
• Achieve 80% Ice Tropez coverage in Kuching, Sarawak within two months



• Appointed as Malaysia’s sole distributor for Aresti and Espiritu Wine from Chile



•Gran Castillo and Aresti achieved 70% coverage of on trade market in Kuching, Espiritu achieved 80% coverage of hypermarket (off trade)



•Started distribute Charm Soju in Sarawak
•Appointed by Luen Heng Food & Beverage Sdn Bhd for East Malaysia distribution
•Appointed as sole distributor for Jinro Soju (Manjamas Timur Eng Sdn. Bhd) in East Malaysia
•Appointed as East Malaysia sole distributor for Good Day Soju
•Achieved company mission to cover Sibu, Kuching & Miri



•Set up new branch in Kota Kinabalu Sabah
•Achieved 70% coverage of off-trade market in Kota Kinabalu
•Appointed as sole distributor for Australian Cumulus Wine in Malaysia
•Expanded to duty free market
•Exported to Indonesia



•Set up new branch in Kuala Lumpur
•Expanded distribution network to Tawau and Sandakan
•Appointed as Malaysia exclusive distributor for Good Day Soju
•In-transit permit granted by Royal Kastam Diraja Malaysia to provide in-transit services for Kalimantan, Indonesian client



•Expanded our distribution network to Penang and Perak
•Achieve more than 80% off trade distribution channel in East Malaysia
•Achieve more than 70% on trade distribution channel in Kuching and
developing the same in all other major cities in East Malaysia
•Appointed as sole distributor for Jinro soju in East Malaysia



•Set up E-commerce in Singapore