“Castillo”derived from the word “Castilla”, which was an indirect reference to the word “Castles” during the Reconquist era, it was also one of the medieval crowns discovered by the Kingdom of Spain, hence there are more medieval castles and fortresses in Spain as of today.

“Castillos”, the symbol of power and a place where pleasure in life was taken highly into consideration. Music, literature and paintings were able to evolve under their protection, and it was behind these walls that cultivated the art, culture and knowledge of the land

In commemoration to Spanish castles, where they served as a source of evolution and establishment of Spain, GRAN Castillo established a wine with distinctive Spanish characteristics in hopes of recovering the monumental aspects of Spanish castles’ stone walls while incorporating the sweetness of the castles’ interior designs in between these walls.

Every sip of GRAN Castillo wine is like a toast to the Castillos glowing under the blazing sun and to the former kingdom that once encompassed the territory between Requena and Valencia, where the birth of GRAN Castillo took place next to its coastal area. The land was was blessed with millenary wine culture, rich histories of ancient Spanish castles and the exquisite Mediterranean climate. This is why GRAN Castillo’s wines hold a rich bouquet of taste and reflects the sweet flavours of life, giving wine drinkers a truly delightful experience.