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A line of wines that represents Chile’s best attributes: The bright sunshine reflecting on the Andes and pure air, the perfect combination for the production of the best grapes. With a centuries-old tradition, Chile’s vineyards combine careful selection of grapes varieties, and thorough vinification processes. Top-level wine-making techniques capture the identity of Chilean wines, renowned around the world for their firm structure and high aromatic expression.

How Our Brand Come from?

Meet Espiritu De Chile new icon : The Geoglyph Sun. ☀
From very distant times, the star king is considered a true deity, from where comes the light that illuminates us and gives us the energy to embellish the life of all the organic thing that exists on the planet.
It was found in 2008 in the Pampa del Tamarugal, Iquique, by archaeologist Luis Briones Morales.

Discovery of Name

Discoverer: Luis Briones

In 2008, for the first time, the archaeologist Luis Briones Morales saw in satellite images what seemed to be a great and unprecedented rupestrian figure, standing out on the sands of the driest desert in the world, a legacy of the ancestral cultures of northern Chile. This was the Retamilla Sun Geoglyph, located in the Atacama Desert. "The geoglyphs are generally recorded in the surroundings of paths that make up the great historical pedestrian network," explained Morales. These paths lead to vestiges that date back to a pre-Hispanic era, whose presence is explained by the importance of astronomical events in the region. These figures were a reflection of "their ways of 'seeing' the territory to which they belonged, their cosmovision in harmony with the environment, their orientations, among other communicational possibilities", according to the expert. It is believed that their main reason for existence was to point out or mark solstice dates. So, this great sun, the creator of everything that exists on earth, found on the eastern edge of the unexplored Pampa del Tamarugal, was chosen to become the logo for the new image of Espíritu de Chile Wines -Explorador, Intrépido and Viajero- designed to live a unique experience connected with nature. Thus, the label of each one of them represents this millenary art, and an invitation to venture and travel Chile through the wines of the different valleys of this country.

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