This event conduct is to experiment different combination flavour of soju with variety of fruits that are recognized online in order to achieve the best value and taste of soju facing to customer.

The progress start with our senior marketing executive preparation for all the different ingredients for all type of flavour. The flavour mention here consists of six type which is Strawberry soju, Subak soju, Pine-apple soju, Peach tea soju, Honey lemon soju and Yogurt soju. So does the ingredients need to purchase include strawberry, watermelon(subak), pineapple can food, honey, lemon, peach tea drink bottle, and some original yogurt bought on supermaket. Start with cutting strawberry and watermelon, it is encourage to bring a temporary ice box to store with 2L glass jar. Futhermore, the cutting process forward to pineapple and lemon.

A good making process always required a correct recipe. For strawberry soju, it is known for strawberry soju flavour combined with actual sliced strawberry as to shown the fragrance smell of it to have a fresh taste of oral condition. This will improve the eager to drink and give good impression on overall marking phase. Pineapple soju and Subak soju all have similar making progress as former, just different ingredients consisted. As for peach tea soju, it is advice to brew the black tea for few minute, add honey and calamansi, then combine with peach soju flavour to provide great sense of smell to it. Yogurt soju just combine it with original yogurt brought from supermarket with original flavour soju. Last but not least, honey lemon soju consist with sliced lemon and plastic bottle honey with original soju to build it.

Activity conduct with group of people from internal employee from time to time attend the event. Each people will arrange all those six soju start from Yogurt Soju and end on Honey lemon soju. Then, they will need to submit a google form survey to comment and review on each soju. All the results will then collected after the event. This event conduct on 26/2/2022( Sat) and take total up to 19 people to participate and will show final selection data analysis to be view.