Beef with wine
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Whether its grilled, stewed, roasted, meatballed, or a flame-grilled patty, look no further for wine inspiration when eating the world’s favorite red meat.

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Pasta with wine
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Pasta and wine have been paired together for a long time. They’re some of the oldest pleasures in history, it makes sense to enjoy them together.

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Chicken with wine can boost your health
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Poultry includes some of the most popular meats consumed in the UK, and they vary considerably from dry and delicate to oily, rich and gamy. Our handy guide gives you top tips and classic recommendations to help you avoid a foul fowl-pairing!

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Does veal suit with wine?
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On a basic level, veal can pair well with very full-bodied dry red wine, and can also pair well with full-bodied wine. Keep in mind that the more complex the veal dish (such as stew, which has several different flavors), the more acidity it should have. It should be able to cut through the flavor without out-shining it.

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