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Good Day Soju is known as Korean vodka, it’s a clear, distilled alcoholic beverage made most famously in Korea. Traditionally it is produced from grains like rice, wheat and barley. It is known for its various fruity flavours and its colour series and unlike any other soju, its natural alkaline mineral water is distilled from Mount Jirisan.

Beer and soju is the more popular soju mix, the drink is known as somaek (소맥). Flavoured soju like Good Day soju is most suitable to be made into cocktails and mixed with other beverages such as yogurt drinks, beer, and soda. They can also be mixed with fruits,cucumber, desserts etc. as a summer cocktail drink.

Muhak (무학), derived from the Hanja, 舞 鹤 brings the meaning of “dancing crane” and was inspired by the Muhak Mountain in Korea. Muhak Co Ltd is a Korea-based company that engages in the manufacturing of traditional liquor products. One of its more renown brands include Good Day (좋은데이, read as “Choeun Dei” in Korean), the Korean soju brand.


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Good Day Sparkling Pomegranate

The Good Day Color Series Pomegranate is back with fizzy pop! Carbonated drink splashing in pomegranate fresh juice with its cheerful color to express its refreshing feel.

Good Day Sparkling Blueberry

The Good Day Color Series Blueberry is back with fizzy pop! Carbonated drink splashing in blueberry fresh juice with its cheerful color to express its refreshing feel.

Good Day Flavours

Quick Trip to Memory Land

  • In 1995, Muhak, a pioneer distillery, reduced the standard alcohol volume from 25% to 23% with “White Soju,” innovating the traditional bottle design by introducing a green hue and twist-off cap, leading to sales of 100 million bottles in the first year.
  • In 1998, Muhak went public on the Kosdaq during the Asian financial crisis, aiding the company’s rapid recovery.
  • In 2006, Choi introduced a new spirit named Joeun Day (Good Day), with an alcohol content of only 16.9%, as opposed to the standard 17%, catering to both men and women and challenging the notion that soju was bitter.
  • In 2010, following that success, Muhak successfully captured over 50% market share in Busan, Korea’s second-largest city, with Good Day sold in 85% of the city’s restaurants and bars.
  • By 2015, Muhak’s market capitalization reached $1.33 billion, surpassing that of Hite Jinro.
  • In 2020, Muhak became the nation’s second-largest soju manufacturer and continued its international expansion.


Some more FAQ

Origin of Good Day Soju

Muhak Co Ltd. started in 1929 as a Soju and Cheongju manufacturing company. In 1965, its name was changed to Muhak Brewery, led by Honorary Chairman Choi Wi-seung. It was the parent company that started to manufacture diluted soju 'Muhak'. Besides, Muhak is also a prominent company in South Korea known for its production of soju and cheongju, with origins dating back to 1929. Initially established as Muhak Co Ltd., the company later adopted the name Muhak Brewery in 1965 under the leadership of Honorary Chairman Choi Wi-seung. Muhak Brewery played a pivotal role in popularizing diluted soju, a traditional Korean alcoholic beverage. In 2017, Grandee Marketing was appointed as the sole distributor for Good Day Soju in Malaysia. Through Grandee Marketing's extensive distribution network and marketing expertise, Good Day Soju rapidly gained traction and established itself as a popular choice among consumers in Malaysia.

Development Trend of Good Day Soju.

Good Day Soju was manufactured by Muhak Co. Ltd (Korea). Choi Jae Ho's transformation of Muhak Soju is a testament to his visionary leadership and determination. Taking over the family distillery in 1988, Choi recognized the need for change in both the company culture and product offerings. By introducing innovative products like "White Soju" and "Joeun Day," Choi reshaped the traditional soju market and positioned Muhak as a pioneer in the industry. Despite economic challenges, Choi's strategic decisions led to Muhak's impressive growth and market dominance. Now, with ambitious plans to capture the Seoul market and expand Muhak's reach even further, Choi's vision for Muhak Soju continues to inspire as he aims to spread happiness and connection through his products.

What is Good Day?

Good Day Soju is a Korean vodka that has varied alcohol level from 5% to 16.9% with different variations of flavour. There are 18 types of flavour and variation which make Good Day Soju are the most desirable and unique.

What is the range of Soju alcohol?

Between 5% to 16.9%